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Ellenton, Florida

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6202 US Highway 301N

Ellenton, FL 

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Vampire Penguin is on vacation in Manatee Ellenton, FL. From the frozen throne to the warm sandy beaches, VP is sure to enjoy his stay in Manatee, bringing friends and families together with shaved snow magic along the way! Indulge in the most unique, fluffy, and delectable shaved snow dessert in Ellenton, Florida. While you are there, ask a team member on recommendations like the Strawberry Cheesecake, unique flavor combos like the Turtle-Tastic Cotton Candy, or go all out for the Key Lime Pie Snow! Be sure to let them know any food allergies that you have. Participating stores carry nondairy desserts, vegan desserts, and sugar-free dessert options. Our shaved snow desserts can be described as shaved snow cones, fluffy snow cones, eating a cloud, or just shaved snow magic! Be sure to visit often because specials, events, and flavor combos change with the seasons! Most stores offer catering as well for schools, businesses, and special events. Please be sure to contact them via phone or email. Thank you for bringing friends and families together with us! -The VP TEAM and family

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