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Discover the Origins of the Caped Avian

Audiobook I The Story of Vampire Penguin

Prologue and chapter I

Book I The Story of Vampire Penguin CH1Vampire Penguin
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The Story of Vampire Penguin

Snow Gang

Vampire Penguin is a Penguin who lives in the North Pole. And even though there aren't any other penguins in the North Pole, Vampire Penguin lives there because he is a Vampire. His large and lingering best friends is a walrus who also thinks he is a Vampire, but he is not, he is just a walrus. Vampire Penguin is also in love with a strong and beautiful Polar Bear name Paula Bear. Stylishly eerie, Vampire Penguin rules the polar skies. But behind his nonchalant eyes, Vampire Penguin truly misses his penguin family longs to be with them. Hence, he conjures delicious shaved snow magic to bring friends and families together.

The Founders

San Luis Bros. - Paolo and Leo

Hello, thank you allowing us to share our love for icy desserts with you

So why name the business Vampire Penguin?


My brother and I grew up in the Philippines. We enjoyed ice candy (our version of otter pops) growing up and it has been a favorite treat ever since. When we moved to the US in 2000, we were exposed to amazing interpretations of ice, including snow cones, Hawaiian shaved ice, and Taiwanese shaved ice. In 2013, when we decided to open a shaved snow/ice business, we experimented on combining the different elements of what we liked about the different interpretations of dessert ice, combining the fine texture of Hawaiin ice, the creaminess and richness of taiwanese ice, and the all american feel of the snow cone.


Coming up with the name:


We decided to have Pengiun in the name because of a penguin's association with ice, and Vampire because the combination and overall aesthetic of the snow/ice that came out of our experimentation is out of this world. Something that shouldn't exist or even be possible - something like a Vampire Penguin.


We pitched the name to our friends Kathleen and she was able to come up with the iconic mascot quite naturally, like it was meant to be lol. The story and lore just came pouring after that. We are heavily inspired by horror movies, vampire movies, dark cartoons, Batman, and of course penguins.

Again, thank you for helping us bring Friends and Families together with Shaved Snow Magic!

Leo and Paolo San Luis.JPG

San Luis Bros. Leo (left) and Paolo (right)

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